From 2016 to 2018 the Gran Fondo Guysborough was known as the Lost Shores Gran Fondo. Here are a few testimonials from our event over the last few years.

The Gran Fondo Guysborough runs along some of the most scenic shoreline in Eastern Canada – just don’t take our word for it! 

Spectacular event! Especially on the 1st go around…Well organized, great food, great venue and great course. Once again, thanks for a great event and I will certainly be coming back next year

– Allan

Everything was great! The word is out that it was awesome so expect an even bigger crowd next year :). Thank you for all your hard work!!! Bravo!

– Norma Jean

WOW what a GREAT ride ! Thank you. Well as embarrassing as this is to say seeing as how we live in Halifax, I/we had never visited your area before so this was a wonderful way to introduce ourselves to Guysborough. Thank you to all of the citizens who came out to cheer us on. We have already planned next year’s vacation in Guysborough C U then.

– Merv

My cycling click and I have been together for about 8 years and have attended several organized rides including the PEI Gran Fondo since it started. We were all very impressed with this event-best one we ever attended. Extremely well organized, perfect atmosphere, excellent meal and facilities, awesome route, and live music! Just fantastic in every way. That was the consensus I heard from anyone I spoke to.

– Bob

The support of the communities along the way was amazing — I felt like I was in the Tour de France in Larry’s River! The scenery was amazing and the roads were generally in good shape. I thought it was well organized. I particularly enjoyed being able to get a shower after, especially when faced with a long drive home! We have saved the date for next year! Hope to see you again then.

– Vicki & Alan

What a great event the Lost Shores Gran Fondo was. Congrats to you and all your volunteers. I rode the 90 km. event. I thought the support along the route was great, and the volunteers at all the road junctions were amazing. So many of them and everyone seemed to be enjoying the event. My husband and I hauled our trailer to Boylston and camped overnight. That is a little gem that we otherwise would probably not have visited. My husband is not a cyclist, so he drove around in the truck with our Boston Terrier and cheered on riders. He found every volunteer he encountered to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. I can appreciate all the planning, time and energy it takes to pull off something like this so successfully. I will be back next year with probably a few cycling friends.

– Elaine

This was a great event and my wife and I will be back next year, for sure. I did the 90km and it was great (my thighs would say different, though, especially after those last few big hills). This was my wife’s first big ride. She loved the 30km road ride. The crowd in Larry’s River was awesome. I felt like I was in the Tour De France!! It was a good show of community spirt! Overall– a great day and we’ll do our best to be there in 2017.

– Brian

Lost Shores Gran Fondo was my official first group ride so I really have nothing to compare it it. But I would like u to know that your ride was exceptional! I found that the volunteers were right on the ball very helpful and all smiles. Picking up kits was flawless. Lots of water and snacks available. The meal was delicious and the beer was even better! I would say if u can pull that off again with a bigger group of riders which I am sure u will see next year, then u will succeed again. I have nothing but praise for you guys! Will see u next year! One thing for next year…. Do a repeat on the weather If u can please!

– Annie

Had a great ride today. Never been to the area before so it was a treat. Thank you to the organizers and the many volunteers. See you all next year.

– Dan

Wonderful event and fantastic scenery planning a week in Guysborough next year ride some more roads and kayak in some of the bays we saw from the roadside. Great community spirit.

– Shawna

What a wonderful experience! Beautiful weather with accommodating and hospitable communities who welcomed the cyclists with open arms and the food was sumptuous. Well done.

– Chemari

Great weekend and ride . Well organized, wonderful volunteers , excellent meal and entertainment . Congratulations to the organizers for showing the hospitality and nature of Guysborough area.

– Catherine

This was our first biking event and we had an absolutely great time. We felt the organization of the event was very good and we specifically enjoyed the entertainment. The meal was really tasty. We were impressed with all the community and volunteer involvement. We took some time to explore Guysbourough and surrounding areas. We are spreading the word of your treasures. Without changing anything we will be back next year. Of course, the ordering of such beautiful weather was a plus. See you next year.

– Bart & Karen

Your event was outstanding, really well organized, and the race volunteers were all very friendly and helpful. The roads were great to ride on and the scenery made the ride.

– Jim

I thought the Gran Fondo was a very well organized event. It helped, of course, that the day was so beautiful. The volunteers did an excellent job. You are all to be congratulated. It’s a big thing to pull off an event like this. Thanks so much for doing it!

– Anne

First off, congrats on the inaugural Fondo for the Guysborough area! It was a very exciting event! Awesome design work on the jersey!! I love wearing mine to other events and around town! Especially where it’s a full zip too!! Showers: AWESOME!!! Was so nice to have a shower to clean up before a long drive home!! Hopefully they will be available again next year! I think you have a VERY unique Fondo experience and hope it goes strong next year! Can’t wait for registration to go live for next year!!

– Kevin

I loved my first Gran Fondo experience. See you next year!!

– Susan

Best experience I could have had for a first timer in an event like this. The scenery, the weather, the people – volunteers and residents. – made it an awesome experience. Thank you!

– Elaine

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